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Educational Video Series

Flooding is a phenomenon that is so common and widespread that nearly everyone has seen or experienced it, and yet many people don’t really know much about how flooding works. One goal of the FloodAware project is increase citizen understanding of how urban flooding works, how exciting new developments in smart city technologies can help manage flooding and keep citizens and property safer, and the active role that citizens can play in a smart city future. In the videos below, project researchers explain key aspects of flooding mechanisms and the smart city solutions we are developing to help.

Episode 1: Flooding Hazards & Transportation

Flooding is a nationwide problem. Dr. Chris Lowry moderates a conversation between Dr. Mikhail Chester and Dr. Ben Ruddell exploring the impact of storm events on our transportation infrastructure and the challenges this creates for infrastructure managers.

Episode 2: Urban Hydrology & Flood Risk

Hydrology, the science of the distribution, movement and properties of water throughout the hydrological cycle. Urban hydrology focuses on these properties and processes in cities, where there is extensive human modification of the environment. Dr. Tom Meixner moderates a discussion between Dr. Margaret Garcia and Dr. Giuseppe Mascaro to investigate how urban hydrology has evolved in recent years.

Episode 3: Role of Technology in Mitigating Flood Risk

Technology is rapidly evolving, and these developments can aid the field of urban hydrology. Dr. Eck Doerry and Joe Eppinger sit down to talk about the role of technology, from hardware to data analytics, in urban hydrology. They conclude with a few examples in practice.

Episode 4: Citizen Science for Flooding Insights

Citizen science engages the community to participate in the generation of scientific knowledge. Dr. Chris Lowry and Jenny Soonthornrangsan have a conversation about citizen science projects addressing urban hydrology and discuss how this unconventional data source can provide valuable information.

Episode 5: FloodAware Project Overview

Dr. Mikhail Chester and Dr. Ben Ruddell have a dialogue hosted by Dr. Rob Pastel explaining the FloodAware project, from goals to application. This project will help advance our ability to mitigate flooding and create new insights for interfacing human-natural systems.